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Prototype Machined Seals

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With a broad range of experience in every industry, ExpresSeal engineers can assist you at every stage of your sealing application, from design to prototype to production.

Complete Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether you need an emergency replacement seal or a large production run, ExpresSeal has complete manufacturing capabilities to respond to your specific requirements.

Custom Molded Shapes and Seals

We can assist you in custom designing unusual, all-rubber shaped seals specifically for your application, including microminiature shapes for your smaller designs.

We can handle any project that requires molding, with a full range of capabilities that includes liquid injection molding, plastic injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding.

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Whether it's machined for fast delivery or custom designed for your unique application, we can save you weeks, or months, in prototyping time, even with the most complex parts. We can also help you drastically reduce the design and development cycles with prototype seal capabilities that include:

    Custom Prototype Expertise - With ExpresSeal, you work with expert sealing engineers who understand the importance of fast prototype turnaround without compromise in design or quality. Our broad experience, sophisticated CAD systems and extensive manufacturing capabilities give us a competitive edge in delivering custom prototypes on time, to your specifications.

    Prototype Machined Seals - We can produce standard machined profiles for your prototype needs for testing and limited runs fast. Computer-controlled manufacturing technology ensures the highest quality seals from a wide variety of materials.

Quality Assurance

ExpresSeal offers comprehensive, careful testing of seal materials through one of the most stringent quality assurance programs in the industry. We can offer quality assurance that includes both dimensional and material validation, plus full documentation is available.

Research and Development

If you require a truly unique sealing solution, ExpresSeal has the resources to explore and develop new designs, materials and processes.

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